Renault Magnum ETS2 Smartphone Dashboard for Dashpanel

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Published by MacGeeMing - learn more (mod ID: 875633)


Truck model: Renault Magnum

Game: ETS2

Device destination: Smartphone

Resolution: 1792 x 828

Units: EU (Kilometer, Liter, Kilogram, Bar)

Widgets included:

  • All the pages: RPM Gauge/ Fuel Gauge/ Water Temp Gauge/ Brake Air Pressure Gauge/ Turn Signal/ Cruise Control Indicator/ Headlights/ AdBlue Warning/ Aux Light Roof/ Aux Light Front/ Parking Lights/ Parking brake/ Beacon Light/ Engine brake/ Oil Pressure Warning/ Battery Voltage Warning/ High Beam/ Fuel Warning/ Water Temp Warning/ Brake Air Pressure Warning/ Brake Temperatures/ Game Time/ Speed/ Gear/ Cruise Control Speed/ Odometer

  • Page 1: Fuel Bar/ Water Temperature

  • Page 2: Oil Temperature/ Oil Temp Bar/ Oil Pressure Bar

  • Page 3: Fuel/ Fuel Range

  • Page 4: Fuel Average Consumption

  • Page 5: Chassis Damage Indicator/ Chassis Damage/ Trailer Damage Indicator/ Trailer Damage/ Cargo Damage Indicator/ Cargo Damage

  • Page 6: Cargo/ Cargo Mass

  • Page 7: Trip Distance/ Expected Delivery Time

  • Page 8: Source City/ Source Company

  • Page 9: Destination City/ Destination Company

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